Wrist/Hand Case 1: Notes

Sophie is a 22 year old female who has presented to your clinic with right sided wrist and hand pain. HPI:

  • Pain started about 2/52 ago – starts in the wrist and moves into hand and fingers
  • No specific trauma
  • Wakes up with numb fingers
  • Aggravated after CrossFit workouts 6/10 pain – lots of pushups and front rack positions performed during training
  • Also gets irritated at work when carrying trays – sometimes feels ‘weak’ in her hand
  • Takes 3-5 hours to settle to a 1/10
  • Only settles with immobilisation


  • Right hand dominant
  • Final year primary education student at university
  • Trains CrossFit 4-5x per week (recently has come back from a 2 week break due to the flu)
  • Works casually as a waitress


  • Nil significant health conditions
  • Not pregnant
  • Otherwise well
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