Women’s Health: Case 1 Notes

Samantha is a 28 year old female who is 2/52 postpartum. She has presented to your clinic complaining of low back pain following her delivery, as well as an uncomfortable bulge in her abdominal region when she braces to do ADLs.

History of Presenting Condition:

  • Following delivery 2/52 ago felt 5/10 LBP near buttock bilaterally when walking
  • Increases to 8/10 pain when climbing stairs or side lying, occasionally hurts bending over but not always
  • Eases to 1-2/10 when lying supine
  • Nil leg pain, nil P+N or anaesthesia


  • No hx of LBP previous
  • Gave birth 2/52 via forceps (first child)
  • BMI 27


  • Single mother
  • Lives alone in a double storey house with family nearby for support
  • Previously worked as receptionist at a local medical practice but currently on maternity leave
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