Thigh Case 1: Notes

Cam is a 42 year old High School Teacher who presents to your clinic c/o left sided hip and knee pain. He is an avid runner and has recently signed up for a 10km local fun-run. Cam first noticed hip tightness 1/12 ago, with pain steadily increasing over the last 1-2 weeks. He describes his knee pain (Pain 1) as a constant ache 3/10, which increases to a sharp pain 8/10 during aggravating activity. He describes his hip pain (Pain 2) as “tight most of the time” a 1/10, that increases to a deep sharp pain 4/10 whilst running. He reports nil P & N, no locking or giving way of his knee, but it sometimes “catches” with bending movements. Cam usually runs 3-4km 3x per week, however, 3 weeks ago he increased this to 7-8km 4x per week, as he “wants to get fit” for his upcoming event. He lives at home with his partner and 2 teenage children and is otherwise healthy. Cam had an ACL reconstruction on his left knee 10 years ago, and a rotator cuff repair on his right shoulder 3 years ago. Cam has continued his running schedule throughout his pain, with his last run being 8km yesterday morning. He hasn’t stopped exercising as he is worried it will slow down his training progress for his 10km event.

  • Pain 1:
    • Aggravating movements = running, stairs, squatting and crouching
    • Eases = ice, lying with feet elevated, resting from activity
    • Pain in the knee is “sharp” and takes 3-4 minutes to settle after onset
    • Woke with pain 3x last night
    • PHx ACL reconstruction left knee 10 years ago
  • Pain 2:
    • Aggravating movements = running, stairs, hip tightness starts to hurt whilst running
    • Eases = ice, rest
    • Pain settles within approximately 5 minutes of completing a run
    • No PHx of hip injuries
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