Stroke Patient: Case 2 Notes

You have been asked to assess Bernadette, a 53 year-old woman who is 2/52 post stroke. She has reported having “eye troubles” and feeling nauseous when she rolls over in bed. She states that she has also been feeling “dizzy” from time-to-time, as well as weak on her right side. The nurses inform you that Bernadette is frustrated and wishes to go home. Nil PHx of stroke or other neurological conditions.

Bernadette’s History:

  • BMI 21
  • Asthmatic
  • Heavy smoker, nil EtOH
  • Lives at home with husband Howard and 19 year-old son
  • Works full-time as a pharmaceuticals sales rep
  • Thinks exercise is a “waste of time”
  • PHx: depression, anxiety, Lisfranc # in 2009, emphysema 8/12 ago
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