Stroke Patient: Case 1 Notes

Jay is a 71 year-old male who presented to your Emergency Department 1/52 ago following a stroke. Jay was found at home by his wife (Gloria), and remains unconscious. Gloria states that she left home that day at 8am and returned at 5.30pm. Upon returning home, she found Jay on the floor of the living room. Gloria immediately called 000 and Jay was taken to hospital. He has been diagnosed with an Ischaemic stroke, as a result of severe atherosclerosis.

Jay’s History:

  • BMI = 28.5
  • TIA 3 years ago
  • Lung Ca 11 years ago
  • Currently taking metoprolol (beta-blocker) and bumetanide (diuretic)
  • Retired accountant, lives at home with wife in two-storey building, plays golf once per week
  • Otherwise well
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