Spasticity: Notes

You have been asked to see Chandler, a 43 year-old male who is 6/12 post stroke. Chandler suffered a (L) MCA infarct that has resulted in (R) UL spasticity. He also presents with marked atrophy of his left side and some skin breakdown around his left elbow. Chandler complains that he has been struggling with ADLs, hygiene and sleep, as a result of his (R) UL spasticity. His home has since been modified with a bathroom rail and shower-seat, both of which he finds useful. Chandler continues to work part-time as an accountant, however he states that his boss has been concerned with his diminished work output/capacity. He lives at home with his wife and 6 year-old daughter.

Chandler’s Hx:

  • HT, high cholesterol, Type II DM
  • Father died of (R) embolic stroke at 67 years-old
  • Medications: vasotec, heparin and zyrtec for hayfever
  • Dislikes exercise. States that playing with his daughter often leaves him feeling “out of breath”
  • Nil ETOH
  • Smokes 1 packet of cigarettes per week
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