Pneumonia C1: Notes

You have been asked to assess Mavis, an 81 year-old patient currently in the respiratory ward. Mavis has been diagnosed with an acute infection of streptococcus pneumonia. She was admitted c/o SOB and a productive, persistent cough. Mavis is coughing up a moderate amount of white/yellow sputum. Upon mobilisation, she can walk approximately 100m before SOBOE and fatigue stops her. Findings:

CXR: L(LL) patchy opacity

Auscultation: L(LL) crackles


pH: 7.33

PaCO2: 26mmHg // 3.5 kPa

PaO2: 103 mmHg // 13.7 kPa

HCO3: 17

BE: -8

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