Paediatric Neurology Case 2: Notes

Jonah is an 8 year old boy with moderate dystonia diplegia cerebral palsy GMFCS IV. He presents to your rehab ward for a scheduled intensive rehab period of 2 weeks with botox and serial casting throughout. Jonah and his family’s goal is for him to be able walk with an aid (a 4WW) for short distances indoors independently, as he currently mobilises in a manual wheelchair. Jonah can STS with 2 hand hold assist and can stand in a semi-crouched position with assistance for ~10 sec. The main limiting factor is Jonah’s lower limb spasticity and contracture.

  • Ankle dorsiflexion bilaterally: R1=-15˚, R2=0˚ + fatiguable clonus <5 sec
  • Knee extension bilaterally: R1=90˚, R2=145˚
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