Multiple Sclerosis: Notes

You have been asked to assess Natalie, a 26 year-old student who has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Natalie first noticed her symptoms 7/12 ago whilst she was weightlifting at the gym. Her hands became “clumsy” and her vision blurred for a short period of time. Over the coming weeks, she began to feel excessively fatigued, which led her to consult with her GP. Her MRI showed moderate demyelination of her CNS and plaques in her cerebellar white matter. Since her initial Dx, Natalie has experienced multiple acute exacerbations of her symptoms, leaving her emotionally and physically drained. The goal of your session with Natalie today is to objectively assess her physical state, and develop a program for her continuing rehabilitation.

Natalie’s Hx:

  • Four acute exacerbations of MS symptoms since Dx
  • Grandmother had MS
  • Otherwise well, nil other conditions
  • Studies Pharmacy full-time and lives with three roommates near campus
  • Works part-time at a juice bar 15 hours per week
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