Manual Hyperinflation: Case 1 Notes

You are working in the intensive care unit of a major hospital. Your patient is a 37 year old female who has been ventilated for ~ 2/52 following an MVA causing traumatic brain injury. She is currently ventilated via an ETT on SIMV:

  • FiO2 50%, RR 7:3, VT 600:250, PS 12, PEEP 11, SaO2 96%

She is haemodynamically stable and understands basic instructions. Her ICP is currently 6 mmHg and her CPP is 85 mmHg, these values are stable. The intensivist you receive the morning hand-over from informs you that she has some retained secretions in her left lower lobe, but the goal for today is to improve her alveolar ventilation.

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