Knee Case 1: Notes

George is a 25 year old male complaining of R) lateral knee pain with no history of trauma. He has been experiencing this pain for the past 4 months, with it gradually getting worse. George works as an accountant and is an avid social football player. He would like to start playing football more seriously, however he is limited by his knee pain. His pain is aggravated immediately by running and descending stairs; once aggravated he rates his pain as an 8/10 VAS. The pain eases quickly after rest and does not bother him of a night time. George has tried a minor dose of NSAIDs and uses them when needed. He reports no pins and needles or numbness, but the pain radiates to his thigh and calf after a big football match.

Pain characteristics:

  • Aggs: walking, running, descending stairs
  • Eases: rest, NSAIDs
  • Quality: sharp 8/10 when aggravated
  • PMHx: MCL injury 2 years ago playing football
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