Hip: Case 1 Notes

Maria is a 32 year old female who has presented to your clinic with right hip pain. The pain started 3 weeks ago and has progressively worsened, preventing her from studying and doing certain ADLs.


  • Pain on lateral hip
  • 6/10 pain in the morning, after some walking around decreases to 3/10
  • 8/10 pain at night time after doing big walk
  • Aggs: long walks (>40 mins), sitting long durations, laying on her right side in bed
  • Eases: rest, NSAIDs


  • Maria is a part time waitress whilst also studying marketing full-time at university
  • Generally walks for exercise and has recently joined a mum’s walking group at a local park
  • Single mother to an 8 month old boy, for which Maria’s mother assists with babysitting
  • In recent weeks, Maria has been studying for an average of 6 hours per day due to upcoming exams

PMHx: nil significant

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