Dementia: Notes

Mavis is a 78 year old female who has been admitted to your hospital for rehabilitation of her recent (R) TKR. The operation was 5 days ago, with no complications.

MHx: Type II Diabetes, well managed. OA in (R) knee leading to TKR.

SHx: Lives in single storey ‘granny flat’ behind supportive daughter’s family home, with 1 x small step at entrance. Likes the outdoors and reading. Has small, low maintenance dog. Does not drive. Recently had to give up swimming in the ocean baths as it was too hard to get out with soreness in knee – wants to continue swimming.

Mavis’ rehabilitation is progressing normally, but occasionally you notice that she seems disoriented and cannot remember conversations you had with her in previous days. The nurses alert staff that Mavis has not been eating full meals and when questioned could not recall when her last shower was.

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