Cystic Fibrosis C1: Notes

Dwayne Carter is a 19 year old male admitted to the respiratory ward for an infective exacerbation of Cystic Fibrosis. Dwayne has just finished school and is completing his first year as a Speech Pathology student at the University of Newcastle. He participates in social netball with his uni friends, and goes to the gym 2-4x per week to do resistance/light cardio exercise. His lung function test results are as follows:

  • Normal FEV1 this year = 65%
  • On admission FEV1 = 59%

Dwayne’s current clearance routine is as follows: Hypertonic saline (HTS) (5%) via nebuliser upright sitting + PEP (Aerobika) in the morning (5×15 deep breathing with huffs and coughs between rounds). Pulmozyme via nebuliser before bed.


  • Cystic Fibrosis (Dx at birth)
  • Mild osteoporosis
  • CFRD
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