Survive Exam Week with These 5 Tips

Blog // Survive Exam Week with These 5 Tips

By Hayley Price

It’s that time of the semester again: exam week. Maybe you are feeling nervous, a little stretched for time, slightly frazzled or just not sure where to even start. Maybe it’s the literal word ‘exam’ that gives us the nervous sweats, or, the pressure to perform well that makes the butterflies in your stomach dance around in circles. Maybe it’s your first ever exam week or maybe it’s your third, either way, exam week is stressful and daunting for most of us students. Unfortunately, the bad news is that exam week is a permanent part of our student lives, and we can count on it to occur every semester. The good news is, however, that you are definitely not alone and there are lots of us in the same boat. Being organised and instilling a positive attitude towards exam week will help change your mindset and set you up for success.

These tips are just some of the many ways you can prepare for exam week.

  • Write out your schedule – this is the most important step. Write out your schedule for the 3-4 weeks leading up to and including exam week making note of any work, sporting, social or other commitments you may have. Then add your exam times and dates (and triple check these to avoid turning up to the wrong place at the wrong time). You can now visualise what your next few weeks are going to look like and how much time you have for study sessions and life in general.
  • Make a study plan –make a plan to maximise the precious time that you have just planned out. Divide your day into 2-3 hour blocks (or whatever works for you) to focus on one subject or topic at a time. It is essential that you include adequate break times to get outside, have a stretch or enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Find your study buddies – get in touch with your uni pals and work out a time to meet up and study together. Bring some treats to share and enjoy, make a plan of attack of what you are going to revise and work together to succeed in your exams.
  • Twas the night before exam day – get some exercise in, eat a healthy meal for dinner and keep hydrated. Maybe you will spend the rest of the evening watching Netflix or maybe you will be revising practice questions online with Learning Physiotherapy‘s online platform, whatever works for you. Tuck yourself into bed at a reasonable hour for a good sleep, so that you’re ready for exam day.
  • Exam day plan of attack – work out your exam day routine. This is key in making sure you are cool, calm and collected for the day of your exam (and if you’re not, fake it til’ you make it right?). For some of us, this might be getting some exercise in, enjoying a coffee, revising flashcards or listening to some relaxing tunes. Whatever calms your nerves and helps you focus, stick with that and stick with it for future exam days.

Don’t stop believin’ – the final step. You have spent the whole semester learning content and expanding your knowledge. You need to trust yourself and have confidence in your skills and knowledge. A positive attitude is going to set you up for great success and once those final marks come back, you going to be feeling on top of the world and hopefully pretty proud of yourself.

Written by Hayley Price

2nd Year Student, Charles Sturt University, Australia

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