Respiratory Physio Examination: Cheat Sheet


This 5 page document tabulates the most important cardiopulmonary information for you to know during your patient examination. It includes:

  • Definitions of lung volumes i.e. FRC, ERV, IRV, TLC etc
  • Cardiorespiratory monitoring normal values
  • Haematology normal values
  • Blood test normal values
  • Arterial blood gases: normal ranges + how to interpret ABGs
  • Respiratory failure definitions
  • Spirometry results
  • Anatomical lung markings
  • Auscultation sounds
  • Abnormal breathing patterns
  • Signs/symptoms of respiratory distress
  • Important considerations for general observations
  • Interpreting chest x-rays
  • The locations/causes of various CP dysfunction
  • CP Physio treatments including positioning, ACBT, percussions and vibrations, huffing, FET, TEE etc.

This behemoth of a resource is an absolute must for on the ward or in tutorial labs!

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