Complete MSK Study Bundle


Our Complete MSK Study Bundle provides you with maximum value at an affordable price! This behemoth document has 38 pages of detailed, succinct MSK goodness. The PDF bundle includes:

  • Subjective Assessment: Cheat Sheet (valued at $2.99)
  • Objective Examination Full Body: Cheat Sheet (valued at $6.99)
  • Shoulder Objective Examination: Cheat Sheet (valued at $1.99)
  • Muscular Origins & Insertions: Full Body template (valued at $6.99)
  • Muscular Origins & Insertions: Lower Limb template (valued at $1.99)
  • Exercise Prescription: Cheat Sheet (valued at $3.99)
  • 7 Topics to Know Before Your MSK Placement Guide (valued at $2.99)

Whether you’re preparing for your next MSK class, exam, placement or New Grad position – this Study Bundle is worth its weight in gold!

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