ACBT: Guide

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Our highly requested ACBT guide is finally here! All of the key information you need to know about performing Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques with patients concisely tabulated on two pages. This guide includes:

  • Overview of ACBTs
  • Purpose and indications of use
  • Techniques and progressions including breath control, deep breathing/thoracic expansion, forced expiration technique, controlled coughing, and combining multiple techniques into a sequence
  • Contraindications of use
  • Other respiratory physiotherapy modalities including postural drainage, percussions and vibrations, PEP, inspiratory muscle training, mobilisation/aerobic exercise and high-frequency chest wall oscillations

This guide comes with unlimited downloads and in a ready-to-print format. It is perfect for use as a student, on placement or as a New Grad working with cardiopulmonary patients!

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