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Head to the ‘My Account’ page and scroll down past your enrolled subjects. You will find the Change Profile Photo link. Or you can click here and head straight to it!

Of course you can! Click here to access your account’s billing details.

That is not a problem! Click here to access your account details and head to the ‘subscription’ tab. Click on the ‘cancel subscription’ option. If you have trouble doing this, fill out the form below to shoot us an email. Whilst we’re sad to see you go, we hope that you found this site useful!

When developing the site, we envisioned that it would be used by students in a particular way. We believe that encouraging an ‘active’ mode of study over a ‘passive’ mode of study is SO important for students to understand. Don’t be like the 1000s of other students who waste their time reading and highlighting and reading and highlighting etc etc. Here’s our suggestion: watch your lectures for the week, write incredibly concise notes/summaries (we’re talking 1-2 pages per lecture) and then test your knowledge on our website. When you feel confident, why not tackle a Case Study on the topic and test out your clinical reasoning? The truth is, you will benefit no matter how you use our site. Whether it’s every day, every week or once a month; you will improve your memory retention of that content.

Practice Exams

The first time you visit a Subject’s page, it will say “not enrolled”, “free” and “start practice exam” at the top of the page. To “enroll” in a subject, and have it appear on your ‘My Account’ page, just click on the “start practice exam” button and you’ll be ready to rock and roll 🕺🏼

To be added to the leaderboard you must ‘pass’ the exam. This requires a score of >50%. 

Heck yeah you can! If you would like to recommend a topic for a Practice Exam or Case Study just fill out the form below and we will do our best to create one!

Case Studies

Each Case Study presents a patient history, followed by 5-10 questions. Once you click on your desired Case, it will show you the “Notes” and “Quiz” for that Case.To begin the Case Study click on the “Notes” tab. Once you have read through the patient history, click on the “Quiz” tab below. Please note that the “Previous Material” and “Next Material” buttons will take you to the prior/next case study in that subject. The “Complete” button will mark that Case Study as “Complete” on your account. There is no need to press this button, as finishing the quiz will complete the case automatically.

Yessir. You bet your bottom dollar we will be! Our team of writers are hard at work developing new material for you guys. Our goal is to upload AT LEAST one new Case Study/Practice Exam every week. So, watch this space.

P.s. if you would like to recommend a topic for a Practice Exam or Case Study just fill out the form below and we will do our best to create one!

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