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We asked cash-PT and business guru Dr. Aaron LeBauer for his top 3 tips for telehealth success. Aaron is a prolific entrepreneur who runs:




Keep reading for his 3 incredibly actionable, quick and easy tips!

1. What are your favourite Telehealth platforms/websites? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of them? 

So far using Telehealth it was easy and quick to switch to Zoom when we closed our clinic to in person visits in March and have found that Doxy.me is the easiest and most reliable platform to use. Make it easy for patients to get into their video room by creating a screen recording of what they will experience using something simple like Screencast-O-Matic.

2. What are the keys to transitioning to online consults? What are the hardest factors for clinicians to overcome?

The Key to transitioning to online consults is to make it like it’s been an option all along and this is what the other patients are doing… Don’t give patients the option to do “Telehealth” or “wait until this is all over.” #1 They don’t know what “Telehealth” really means and #2 “this”is not going to end any time soon… So, just tell them that the next visit is going to be over video or for new patients just explain that you’ll work with them on a “secure video visit”.

3. What would you say to anyone that has hesitations about using Telehealth? Both clinicians and patients.

If you’re hesitant as a clinician because you are a “manual therapist” get over it. You won’t get any results if you don’t use Telehealth. Getting 20-80% of the results with video is better than Zero results with no clinic. We’re getting 85% of the results with 85% of our patients and still generating revenue and we haven’t had to furlough our employees. As a patient, I know you think you need to be seen in person or be touched. That’s okay, just understand that the #1 thing we do is help you figure out exactly where the problem is and how to fix it in our evaluations. If just being seen in person or getting touched was enough, then you wouldn’t still be in pain. Physical Therapy video visits work because we take into consideration your whole body, isolate whether you have a mobility problem or a stability problem and prescribe the correct dosage of stretches, self-treatments, exercises etc. Sometimes we need to touch you, but it’s not always necessary to get you back to the activities you are struggling through or missing out on everyday!

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Written by Dr. Aaron Lebauer

Owner of LeBauer Pt
Author of The Cash PT Blueprint

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